A New Year


Happy new year to all!

 Love, the Meyers


Meyer Christmas e-Letter 2011

Who would believe that it is already a week before Christmas! But, here we are again, busy as ever:)

Cameron is busy coon hunting, deer hunting, and pig chores. We can't believe he'll be 17 in mid February. He told us, that, "17 is cool but 18 is even better." I don't think we are going to think that far yet:)

Taylor turned fifteen in November and sometimes thinks he's 16. He got a big buck first time hunting. He still does pig chores and works mainly around the farm although worked away during harvest.

I am 12 and can't wait to be 13! Outside chores, school and inside chores take up most of my mornings.
I enjoy sewing and knitting, friends and some traveling. As for sewing, right now I'm making some dresses for little African girls.

Gabe is 10 and active. He likes to make all kinds of things out of wood and hot glue. He enjoys working ton the farm with Dad and big bros. He has several Boer goats that he's hoping to get a group of kids of off of.

Aubrey is 8 almost 9. Well in March anyway.  She loves to read and do some crafts and/or letters to her faraway cousins.She has just started taking piano lessons.

Cole is 5 almost 6! He will be six on January 27th. If it's anything like last time, the day of his birthday he'll ask when he's gonna be older! He's a little monkey and likes to play with all kinds of gadgets. Every other minute, he and Gabe are into some kind of wrestling match.

We hope everybody has a blessed Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Richard. Joni. Cameron. Taylor. Haylie. Gabe. Aubrey. Cole.


Leman Christmas in IL

Elise Aubrey Hope Lily
Bible Charades

Having a snack

Gifts for the grab

Lily Haylie Faith
Todd Marcus Gabe



                                                 What is it with boys and wrestling?????
                                              Jadon-Kirk-Gabe(the kid who's getting shmooshed)
                                            and Cole:)
                                                 Doing puzzles.....Noah's Ark and Barnyard
SNOW!!!!!! The first snow of the year! How exciting...even though it lasted for 3/4 of a day:)


Caramel apples!!!!!

What goofs!!!

New puppy!!!!!!!

Copper the Walker

a rah rah!!!

a o o  o o o o o  o!!!!!



Dave and Kara came out a while ago. We had so much fun!!!!!
(from left to right)
(top) Haylie, Marcus, Gabe, Faith
(bottom)Aubrey, Cole, Jared, Lily


Fall Happenings

Raspberry Shortcake

Cole's LEGO creation.
He's really been into building with Lego's.

An apple a day keeps the doctor a way...
But if you hit the doctor with the apple,
He'll stay away!!
We've had some beautiful apples and pears from our orchard this year.

What a goose!

We welcome the newest arrival into our vehicle family!
(Cameron's new truck)


Bright Lights Conference

On July 12 and 13 Mom, Aubrey and I went with some friends to a A Bright Lights conference called Strong in the Lord.
We all loved it. Sarah Mally was our speaker. She did an excellent job.

Then the next day after we came home, we had corn to freeze.
The Ulmer and Stangl families came to help freeze and eat corn with us. That was a fun/busy day.

Bright Lights was having an other conference for older girls ages 12+ called Radiant Purity. Of course Mom couldn't be gone another 2 days so, I went home with the Stangls. The picture you see above is a chalk drawing that Sarah drew. It was really neat watching her.
Another thing was the music. It was so pretty! The harp was played while other girls came up and shared there testimonies.

Now,  I can't tell you every thing because it would take way to long!

So, I'm am going to end with that!



Summer Snapshots

This is a moth that Gabe and Dad caught.
It was about 5 '' wing span.
We then froze it and gave it to someone who has a insect collection.
Sorry you can hardly see it! It is inside a jar.

Happy boy!

Giddiup Horsie!

Helping with the dishes.


Kanorado Girls Camp 2011

That was a super-fun weekend! Kansas and Colorado girls 5th-12th, went camping down in Kiowa, KS.
Thursday thru Friday we- sat around, played beach volleyball, waded, slept...? That snake you see in one of the pictures we had to step over to play in the river...EEK!                                smile!  
Every night we had devotions and we sang some very pretty songs that I really need to learn! One was 'Light th Fire'. I learned it now that i'm home. One morning i was walking with a friend and we saw a little fawn! It was sososo cute! but before we thought to get our camera, we scared it away.

Here's a link to look at those pictures.


Summer Fun

Riding horses is one  of Aubrey and Cole's favotites!

Fresh Garden Strawberries!
(i just had to add the daisy!)

For Gabe's birthday, as soon as it was warm enough,
Me and Kendra sprayed Gabe with shaving cream.
What a mess!

monkey see, monkey do...
Cole had to do it to!

Going swimming!

Walking down the road!

In the pond
on the raft.


One Wet Campout!

Exactly! Gabe, for his birthday, was going to have a campout. With only a 30% chance of rain, we thought that it wouldn't come out to anything. Well, three o clock rolls around and its raining.
Thankfully it let up long enough for us (not me and my friends!) to go swimming.
We did end up having a lot of fun IN the house!

Our new windows are being put in!

So cool!


Illinois Weekend

Cole's Airplane went the WRONG place!

Gabe's birthday present from the Blunier's.
Mini Fuseball

The bike mechanics!!!!!
Gabe, Marcus

Late night Dutch Blitz

Haylie & Faith

On the way home, in the van,
Gabe saw a Jeep, being towed by a camper.
Gabe goes," Wow! That car is driving REALLY close!

We had a good laugh out of that!



Happy Birthday Gabe!

                                                             Happy tenth birthday Gabe!


Baby Animals

Nevada & Monty

Favorite Game:

Hauling Straw

sneekin out

Diamond (Cole)

Cotton (Aubrey)


Lily (Gabe)