after the rain

The morning after a rain is always so beautiful! 
This is my newest project! I hope it works well! The only problem is that the gutter is right above it, so when it rains the impatien below gets demolished­čśĽ

 A friend gave us these beautiful old fashioned irises. 
And the last three of our puppies. It's been so much fun raising them, but it's gonna be so sad when they are all gone! I hope we have more next year ­čśĆ poor dad. 

Cutest face ever! 

 When I was in Chicago at the beginning of May, I drove to meet A. Carolyn, Hope & Caleb. What fun! 

The view from the top of the hill. I love Kansas! ❤️ 

 I get to babysit this cutie every once in a while.  This was on the hottest day yet! It got up to 85. 


And last but not least, my favorite kind of picture with my favorite little boys in it:)