Summertime Madness

Life is SO busy! One thing that we have been doing a lot of is preparing and putting up fruit. 
Mom picked a bunch of strawberries, so strawberries and cream and strawberry jam were devoured;) 

Our aunt Cynthia's cherries ripened and so we got to pick those. Our piano teachers siblings are here from Chicago to KS, so we are working hard at turning them into country kids. We got together to make rhubarb jam and pit cherries. I made Cole , Aubrey, and their friends pit all of them. Of course it had to be a contest and the winning team got part of hershey's chocolate bar. 

Us older gals worked on making Grandma's rhubarb jam recipe. It was so delicious and I'm so happy with how it turned out! (Thanks gma!!)
Anyway...since our friends are here for two weeks, and I only got to hang out of one week, I made it count. Yep I saw Caroline every day for a whole week!!! Here are some photos of our adventures together!
A snapchat screen shot of all us kids playing continuous knockout. 
To all of our leman cousins-we think that Walter looks like Noah!! He and Cole made buddies;)
Gabe and John being boys. 
When Gabe, Carry and I went bowling together-

Right now I'm at an Entrepreneurship Camp about 45 mins away from home, missing everybody but gaining SO much knowledge for my someday business of photography, branding, and graphic design. More on that sometime later! 

I'll sign off tonight with a sunset photo from home sweet home. 

Encouragement for the night!

Psalms 19:14 
•Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer. •