Kanorado Girls Camp 2011

That was a super-fun weekend! Kansas and Colorado girls 5th-12th, went camping down in Kiowa, KS.
Thursday thru Friday we- sat around, played beach volleyball, waded, slept...? That snake you see in one of the pictures we had to step over to play in the river...EEK!                                smile!  
Every night we had devotions and we sang some very pretty songs that I really need to learn! One was 'Light th Fire'. I learned it now that i'm home. One morning i was walking with a friend and we saw a little fawn! It was sososo cute! but before we thought to get our camera, we scared it away.

Here's a link to look at those pictures.


Summer Fun

Riding horses is one  of Aubrey and Cole's favotites!

Fresh Garden Strawberries!
(i just had to add the daisy!)

For Gabe's birthday, as soon as it was warm enough,
Me and Kendra sprayed Gabe with shaving cream.
What a mess!

monkey see, monkey do...
Cole had to do it to!

Going swimming!

Walking down the road!

In the pond
on the raft.


One Wet Campout!

Exactly! Gabe, for his birthday, was going to have a campout. With only a 30% chance of rain, we thought that it wouldn't come out to anything. Well, three o clock rolls around and its raining.
Thankfully it let up long enough for us (not me and my friends!) to go swimming.
We did end up having a lot of fun IN the house!

Our new windows are being put in!

So cool!