You'd think the equator was next door!


                                                                  100.6 is HOT!!!

                           Tomarrow is supossed to be the same, and we're doing corn! Then, we get one day to prepare, and we leave for a 7hr drive to Princeville, IL. (you might not get pictures of either till sometime next week...)


Rainy Days

                            I actually like rainy days!This morning was raining but this afternoon was gorgeous!

(Another) Addition.

Meet...whatever you want to call it, Cameron's newest truck.
Hey, the front looks better than when he first got it.
This lovely thing is sitting right in our driveway.
Cameron recently quit his job at the local dairy and has gone to work for a company in town
on a plumbing crew.

In The Army

Sergeant Meyer
On Duty.

Yes Sir!

Gabe and Cole made swords and were marching around the house for a little while.
The hats? Gabe's cut off sleeves that I sewed up.


Hi everyone! I can't believe its been a month since I posted last:)Since then several things have happend. We got our new neigbors moved in, we painted our school room a foggy blue, and finished the bathroom upstairs except for a corner cabinent, we lost our fox:(, we've started getting yummy fruit from our front yard, VBS was this last week...