All Around Good Place

 The sky has been cloudy, rainy and grey, except for the few times the sun shone all day(!)

The pool keeps filling, up up and up, last time I checked, It was more than one cup. (3 ft now;)

The garden looks beautiful, with all shades of green, soon we'll dig potatoes, of which we're all keen!

Our new clematis is alive, which is great news, Its predecessors have died, although I tried and tried. 

The apples and peaches are growing big, and we can't wait to pick, it's too bad we will have to wait till its time to slurp and lick. 

Cameron and dad have been working hard, on a homemade cattle shute, all the  neighbors are quite impressed, and I am too! 
Cole and Aubrey got their 4-H calves, who's names are Tuck and Ty, it's a good experience for both of them, Dear God, please don't let them die! 

We weaned the young goats yesterday, and they really miss their mommas, we hope they close their mouths up soon, cause right now we feel like shipping them to the Bahamas. 

This shall end my tale of fun, our lives are busy now, until we meet again I have one wish-more sun