Cousin Time

I got to go to fairbury with my friends this last weekend, and I had a great time! Laura ended up being there the same time, and so faith and I got to spend time with her
too! Friday night we three went out to eat at Monicals and had a nice evening together. All day Saturday I was at Bluniers, just hanging out! We did some housecleaning, which was fun because we did it together and a few crafts. 

Sunday morning at the Bluniers

We were glad to arrive safely home Sunday night! 


An (N) Ice retreat

Our family loves to ice skate. So much that we all own a pair of hockey skates, and the big boys have their favorite sticks. Around here, hockey is a big deal! But it doesn't always get to happen. Last year we didn't have a time when the ice froze right. This year, we got a text that said, ice is like silk. Let's go skate. So a big community gathering begins!! Everyone bundles up for an afternoon on the ice. Since we didn't know if we would have any more chances to go this year, we skated 3 afternoons  in a row. It was so much fun!
The boys found a weasel hiding underneath a rock....the poor little guy didn't last very long.  :P

I hope we will have another chance this year, but we might have to wait til 2016.