Merry Christmas!!!!!!!


Don’t you luv our cheesy Gabe?


for any of you who listen to Jonathan Parks, Cole got Communicator Watches.


Gabe got some WARM winter gloves and a set of books.


I got several things with my Christmas money, but the only thing wrapped was a Radio Theatre Drama, Oliver Twist.


Cameron got cash to skim the top of the pile of money going toward his new boots.


Taylor got a new backpack for when he starts public school, January 2.

How was your Christmas?


Adding to the Collection

Saturday, Taylor and Dad went up to NE to get his truck. Our place is becoming a regular parking lot!

It’s the same thing as Cameron’s, but a different color.





New Camera!!!




      Playing Pay Day                                Our new treadmill! Some of us aren't as excited

                                                                           about it as we were in the beginning.Smile




Our first set! Sadly, for the 2nd time, this mother’s twins have died within 24 hrs. after birth. they looked fine at first, maybe a little weak, but then they just lay over and die.


Dad and the boys were moving the cows, mom always likes to see them.


…Our rambling ole’ farmhouse…


I was having fun with our AMAZING camera! Can you tell??




left to right

A. Cole is reciting a Christmas poem

B. Aubrey and Mom doing a duet.

C. All the younger children playing a game

D. Grandma and Grandpa

E. Grandma reading the Leman Funnies

F. Opening gifts!!!


Jesus Tis’ the Reason


Today we put up our Christmas decorations!Since our grocery store now doesn’t sell real Christmas trees, the closest one is an hour away. So, after last Christmas we bought one half off. We love our lively living room.


Baking day!

Since we are leaving tomorrow for Thanksgiving in IL, we had to bake a lot. We all try to help out with the food, so we take homemade bread. Its easy to travel with, so it works well. We baked loaves, cinnamon rolls, and dinner rolls for 2 afternoons. We had to have loaves for us when we get home, and some food for a family who just had a baby. 008

Mom had Cole and Gabe scrub the floor. As you can see, Cole tries to find the easiest route…I’m not sure if it really worked though!



Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!


Kansas Harvest Moon


taken by: Haylie

Pumpkin Carving


We did it a little bit (November 1st ) late, but it was still fun.




Jadon and Kirk were over…the more the merrier!


With another pumpkin, we made a pumpkin cheesecake. It was delicious!


the BIG 50!!!

                                                                 Happy 50th birthday Dad!
                                                                    -a new grill-

Fall Visit

Grandma, Grandpa, A. Karen(yay!) and some Herrmann cousins came out to KS for a few days.
The got here friday evening and stayed till this morning at 9:30. We had so much fun! Saturday morning, we  carried on the tradition of big pancakes. Also known as crepes. We all love them SO much. Saturday was Dad's 50th birthday so at lunch we had a party.  ( Ice cream and cookies) Sunday evening we went out to eat. We got to go to a chinese restaurant-I really need to practice on my chopstick skills.(really)

                                                  Aubrey and Elise


Official 4-H Members!

4-H clover

                      Our Pledge
I pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking  
        my HEART to greater loyalty
my HANDS to larger service  
and my HEALTH to better living for my club, my community, my country and my world.  

Last evening, we went to our first 4-H meeting. It was very interesting to see how they do everything and all. This year, our first, we are only doing one or two things each.

Haylie- Photography & Food/nutrition

Gabe-Goats & Bucket Calf

Aubrey- Food/nutrition
Cole is only a cloverbud yet so he can't enter anything yet.



The Pioneers are pouring into Kansas. Covered wagons and horses taller that the wagons are becoming a common site.


We took some wire and formed hoops over the wagon. Then took a sheet from the house. Cole and Aubrey found a seat that the boys occasionally use for hunting. We hook the horses up to the tongue and away we went! Keelan was up for the afternoon.

He is our cousin who lives up the road.



Believe me! it was lots of fun riding. Of course though, we had the timer set to take turns.

These last few weeks we’ve done stuff that I’ve always wanted to do, but have never done them because I didn’t know how, or whatever.


Meet Mr. Black

Around here, we normally have a bunch of corn stalks or some pumpkins but, sadly I didn't think about corn stalks and we didn't get any pumpkins. So, when Cole came home with a 'sandbox bucket' an idea began to form. how about a scare crow? Sure! So, dad's shirt, play clothes overalls, brown gloves, Wengers belt and buckle, old stocking hat, my old boots, a garbage bag full of hay, and a pumpkin head(sandbox bucket)
Thus, we begin our scare crow.
Stuffing Mr. Black. He's really not too fat. He was at first, but I put him on a diet by taking some hay out of him. Wouldn't it be nice if it was that easy to lose some  weight?

The hardest part was getting his shoes to stay on. For now, they really are just setting on the ground
with the pant legs stuck in. Gabe has a hat that sadly didn't fit Mr. Black. So I set it on his head.

Hi!! I'm Mr. Black.
If any of you have seen the sugar creek gang movies, you'll understand his name.
But I think that our scarecrow is MUCH better!
-best friends-
He has a nice attitude; very calm and quiet. Always smiling I'm afraid he's the only one though.

He was the perfect size; since the overalls were
Cole's size, he was rather short with long arms.
Cole rather like dancing with him:)

P.S. I was tempted to make you IL people come out her to see him. ---drive by?-