the Icy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving was a little different this year, in two ways. One because the Blunier Family joined us in Kansas, and two, everything was coated in ice. Yeah. It brought back some not so good memories of the 2007 ice storm, being stuck inside for 8 days and hearing the branches fall from the trees because of their heavy load. However, having your friends stuck inside with you makes it much more fun!


Watching the old Leman Vacation Videos


Plenty of Dutch Blitz, Capitalism, Liar and the such.

We enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving Meal lovingly prepared by Uncle Dave. The longstanding ‘joke’ between Mom and Dad is that when Mom comments on how it would be nice if dad could cook and prepare meals, he tells her how much money we’ve saved because of his handy man abilities. Even when mom DIDN’T want that dishwasher to be brought back to life AGAIN.


Sadly, the ice storm  kept getting worse and the Blunier’s had to leave a day early. The power went off  4 times that day, and we still don’t have a working generator. Sadness. So to console ourselves, we put up Christmas D├ęcor! Our living room is lit up with Christmas Cheer and I’m already tired of the Jazzy Christmas music we play at work.