Fawn, our milk goat had 2 babies!  They are SO cute! They were born on Mon. For the first week, we have to feed them every four hrs! 4pm-8pm-7:30am-12pm. We don't feed them at midnight. :)

Fawn, (mother) Felicity

Now that she had her babies, we have to milk again.
It doubles the morning chores.

SOSOSOSO Cute! Especially this one! She was the weakest when born.
She couldn't stand very well
where the other one was up and going.


Enjoying The Weather

Mowing. I'm not really excited about that...

These are some gorgeous tulips that had come up in an old flower bed, The flowers were supposed to be gone and grass was supposed to grow there, but instead, the flowers came up and not the grass! So, anyway, we dug up some tulips, they hadn't bloomed yet, and put them in a vase. Now, they are SO pretty! 

....reading a book....



Happy Birthday 9 Aubrey!

Planting onions and potatoes
(this pic happens to be sideways:)

Spring is here!

I still can't figure out what it is with boys and guns!

-riding bikes-
the next day, we went rollerskating/biking in town. We have a skateboard park that's fun to ride around in.
   77 degrees-same as FL! Yep! What a perfect time for Dawn and Dean to come out:)


Home Sweet Home

     Just today, we got home from Morris, MN! It was a long but fun weekend. We stayed in a hunting lodge with two other families. Lining the walls, were  mounted animals of many kinds...although mostly deer.
Snowmobiling, snowshoeing, four-wheeling, and sitting in an outside hot tub were the main hilights of our wonderful trip. Jody and Keith Shieler and Adam and Christi Zeltwanger were the other couples.
When you travel 8 hrs in the van, two ways, you learn to appreciate home.

P.S. Yes, I know that it's really not that far:)