Kansas State Capitol, a Sight to See


Gabe and I went down to Topeka yesterday with Dad. We paged for Randy Garber, who is from Sabetha, and he grew up three miles east, and a 1/2 mile south of our house. Our group of pages was so big that the actual paging part was boring, but it interesting to see them in session. Of course, the best part was being able to tour the capitol again. I went when I was in kindergarten, but I hardly remember it. Gabe went a few years ago. In late 2014 they finished $330,000,000 of renovation. Its been going on for 13 years. However, the place is absolutely beautiful.


Two girls from Everest were also paging for Garber. They were fun to hang out with for a day! Kailey, Tatum, Randy Garber, Gabe, Haylie and Sam Brownback in front.



This looking at the dome from the 4th floor.



Looking down from the 4th floor. The basement is all stone, and full of  history. John Brown, Eisenhower and so on.


So we started the dome tour. If you have a fear of heights, don’t go. Me, the dare devil barely made it…ask gabe:/  Before you call me a scaredy cat, remember that there is 296 steps, and from the bottom of the inner dome to the tip of the outer dome is 75 ft.

Exterior of the Kansas Capitol inner dome.

This is looking down onto the inner dome.


And this is at the very top. We couldn’t see the indian from where we were, just his arm and arrow.

View of Topeka, Kansas from the Kansas State Capitol Dome.

Here’s the view off the tip!


and here is the front view. The dome is taller, but not broader than the White House’s dome.

Come to Kansas and tour it sometime!


Odds and Ends

We've been busy with a lot of odds and ends, so here is few photos from the last few weeks!

I was a waitress at a Valentine's Day meal! We served beef or chicken, potatoes or orzo, veggies, fruit tart or chocolate cake.    Except they all had fancy names;)

Taylor is doing great in wrestling this year. I found this photo in the online Sabetha Herald! He has regionals this Saturday. 

Gabe and Aubrey...I believe that they are playing 'funeral'. Gabe is apparently the dead guy;) Aubrey took some rose petals and sprinkled them on him. 

Cole and keelan! They have a fort in the trees so keelan is up a lot to build. It's great for cole to have his best friend so close!!
 Cameron had his 20th birthday yesterday...he is no longer a teen!