Homeade Bulletin Board

Its very easy really, have your dad cut you a piece particle board, or plywood, cover it with pad of some sort , then cover it with fabric and string ribbon across it. PUT THAT STRING TIGHT!!!!I did, and it stayed that way for a while, and then it got loosened up!!:(
I didn't have enoughribbon to do it the traditional way, but you can do it any way you wish.

add a few buttons...
no , their not sewed on in this picture:)

I had earlier bought some mini clothespins so that is what is holding my pictures up.

All finished!!!!


Leman Vacation 2012

This is where we all stayed, it had lots of rooms, a big dining room, nice kitchen, lounge room, and living room in the basement. It was so nice.
Hmmm? Thats MJ leman for you!

 All the grandkids...

And Grandma and Grandpa!!!
Thank you so much!!!!!!!
This was also their 50th anniversary


 Matt and Kim came for a small visit, it was so much fun!

Cole Aubrey Cambria

This is Marshall right here:)
                      When they left on Sunday, I went back with them to surprise Faith. But, it was only half surprise. She had it figured out that I was coming, but she didn't know when. So, when she woke up Monday morning, her cousin from KS was sleeping on the living room couch! Once the shock was over, we had fun surprising her brothers. Later that week, Thursday, we piled in the van and drove to Camp Wyoming IA, for the 2012 Leman Vacation.



We finished our steps, after several days of going through the porch and through the garage to get down the basement. We are done except for the main bathroom counter top. Yes. That too. As dad was trying to put a new faucet in, it cracked. So, now we have to put a whole new countertop in.
Will we ever be done????

Guess what these are! Not blueberries...
They're grapes! So good.

I just love this picture.

                                                  Get a Good Laugh
As Gabe was trying to make room for more old green bean plants in the wagon,
 he was caught practicing his dance moves. I should have taken a video.

Hot Pad Redo

 Mom has these old hot pads, Christmas and all, that were getting quite worn looking.
So, I dug through Great Grandma Kiesers old scraps that I got. I found some that matched our kitchen, sewed them up and tada! We love the results. Each one is sewed up differently, the handkerchief one is sewed aroung each square, the jean one is sewed across, ect.


After: so much better!