Summer’s Blastoff


And it blasted off going high speed!! Everyone is busy…Cameron is in full-out spray mode, Taylor is working hard with summer weights, football activities and the landscaping crew. I’m babysitting and working at the Bern CafĂ© and everyone else is busy at home! We’ve had some fun things come up, including VBS, a baby shower, a girl’s camping trip and now we have to start getting ready for the 4-H fair.DSC_0060

The baby shower for our wonderful piano teacher…she is due the beginning of July!!!


VBS!!!I taught the 5 and 6 yr olds. There were 3 teachers and eleven students!


Cole giving his calf Lacy a bath.


The girls that were on my camping teip! we went to Cedar Bluffs Reservoir in western KS.


Gabe and his goat! That’s all for now, but we have some more fun things coming up, at Gabe and Aubrey leave tomorrow for a week in IL! I wish I could be going!