Grandma and Grandpa’s Spring Visit


Every spring and fall Grandma and Grandpa make it out to Kansas with some cousins. This time, they brought the whole Blunier Family. We had a lot of fun! We barely saw Gabe and Marcus, as they were working for a man who is planting a whole bunch of grapes. They worked long days!!!

The rest of us enjoyed the beautiful weather. We took walks, took pictures, held baby kittens, did some swinging with Grandpa, set up a tent, and Cole and Jared played in the windbreak and hammered on the tree fort.

Here are the photos of the 3 days they were here.002

Oh, and Cole’s 4-H bucket Calf was born! We picked it up on Tuesday! He named it Lacie.



Going on a walk


Playing in the fort…it seems that the only way to get boys to cooperate while taking a picture is to tell them to look serious. haha:)


Playing with the baby kittens!


playing with a pop bottle sprinkler! When we got tired of it hanging from the basket ball hoop, we took the Skid Loader, raised the bucket, and hung the sprinkler from that. It felt AMAZING!


Playing Settlers with the new board and expansion that Gabe got for his birthday.


Tuesday night, Jared, Lily, Cole, and Aubrey made a little quartet and sang us some songs. It was a lot of fun.

Come back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***Tomorrow our summer schedule starts…and now it gets BUSY! Since I’m working 4 days a week, the blog posts may become more infrequent. But don’t worry! I won’t completely forget about you!