I have a good reason for being quiet…because we took a 9 day trip away from home!!!

When dome of our friends moved to Haiti in June, we knew we wanted to go see them once they were settled. So, after lots of planning, packing and hours of traveling, we made it! We left home on Friday, January 10th (5:00 am) and got to Bonne Fin Saturday at (8:00pm).

For me, it was a lot of firsts! First time on a plane, first time in Georgia, first time in Florida, first time at the ocean, and the first time out of the country. We had a lot of fun!

Here’s a few photos from our Haitian Escapade:)

Landing in Miami


At the hotel we stayed at…


Driving through Port was…rough:) and if you would stop, people would come right up to your window and try to sell you water.


Sunday morning we went to the Haitian church then listened to a Sabetha sermon.



Sunday afternoon, we went down to the basket ball court by the hospital and played. Here we were teaching the Haitians ‘Duck Duck Goose.’


Some of the days, I helped with the team that we traveled down with. Here, the non-medical persons took lunch up to the medical team doing a clinic up the mountain.

Top: Kallianne Mogler, Lucy Pelzle

Botton: Haylie, Sheila Moser


We gave one of Faith’s dresses to a little girl at the clinic.


This is so much fun!!! You get a big piece of bark from a coconut tree and slide down the hill with them!


Meet Sika (pronounced Seeka) Right below Rick and Komari’s house is a little village. This little girl lives there with her family. She has to be the cutest!!


On Tuesday, we loaded up and drove to Les Cayes. This is where Val and Jan Gutwein live, for those of you who know them… and where the missionaries do some of there shopping. Other shopping is done at the market.

Cayes is a 45 min drive down the mountain. The roads are so rough!!! (even though they say that they have improved greatly)


This is the Domestic Center where Haitian women make all the purses and aprons.


On Wednesday, Mary, Kallianne and I went to a MEBSH school to teach some English and a bible story. The translator's name was Jacqueline and his sister, Suzette is Komari’s cook.

This was one of the younger classes that we did a lion craft with.


Surprisingly, the youngest class (Kindergarten, 1st) was the most attentive. They even sang a song to us!


Aubrey, Mara and Gracie and Leah Hartzler making duck tape flowers.


On Thursday, we went to see Jimmy’s Bees! He let us all try honey comb. It was delish:)


I mentioned earlier about the family that lives right by Rick and Komari. We noticed one day that they had a little baby, then he was gone. When we went to sing in the Hospital, we found Mimos and her little baby and found out that the baby had trouble breathing.


The last full day the team and Mom and I went to see CRP. This is the amazing view from the top of the mountain.


The children run out of the houses and come give you a kiss:)


This is the team…


After visiting CRP, we met everybody at the beach. The water was WONDERFUL!!!!


Bon Swe!!(good afternoon)


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

On Friday, we left for Il. We had a blast!!! Talking, eating, ping-pong, gifts and singing.


The girls were playing American Girls:)



That night, we had our piano recital.




Cole got the Legos he wanted…we can’t convince him that the Airplane doesn’t fly by its self. Boys.


Faith, Haylie and Grace



In grandma’s old house, she had a wall that she marked all of our heights but since they moved, we lined up in order of height and snapped a photo. It’s kindof hard to see in this photo, but Gabe had to be at the beginning of the second row. ha-ha


Ping-pong Tournaments are always so fun! They also did timed chess tournaments too.