Cuteness is running rampant around the farm. Look at those pups! They are at the most adorable stage right now! Cole left his shoe with in reach of the puppies one day, and came back to see two pups each with a hold on one end of the shoe, growling and fighting over it. On Sunday, a very nice family came to pick out a puppy. Their twelve year old son needed a playmate. However, by the time they left, they had decided that one wasn't enough. Two it is! Someone is coming on Friday, and some of the neighbors are taking them too. Last time we had pups was in February or March, and I didn't take very many photos of them. This time around, I've made sure to document every bit of their adorable puppy dog tales and adventures...in true Haylie Style. But really, HOW CAN YOU RESIST that ADORABLE face!?!?!?!?
Their poor mother has really gotten the short end of the stick. She's resorted to growling when they bug her. Any mothers out there that ever feel the same way? I'm sure that my mother hasn't.


Cameron & Corinne's Engagement Pictures

two Sundays ago, it was calm, (humid) and a bit cloudy outside, perfect for pictures! So, we hit the pastures for a Meyer style shoot:)