the BIG 50!!!

                                                                 Happy 50th birthday Dad!
                                                                    -a new grill-

Fall Visit

Grandma, Grandpa, A. Karen(yay!) and some Herrmann cousins came out to KS for a few days.
The got here friday evening and stayed till this morning at 9:30. We had so much fun! Saturday morning, we  carried on the tradition of big pancakes. Also known as crepes. We all love them SO much. Saturday was Dad's 50th birthday so at lunch we had a party.  ( Ice cream and cookies) Sunday evening we went out to eat. We got to go to a chinese restaurant-I really need to practice on my chopstick skills.(really)

                                                  Aubrey and Elise


Official 4-H Members!

4-H clover

                      Our Pledge
I pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking  
        my HEART to greater loyalty
my HANDS to larger service  
and my HEALTH to better living for my club, my community, my country and my world.  

Last evening, we went to our first 4-H meeting. It was very interesting to see how they do everything and all. This year, our first, we are only doing one or two things each.

Haylie- Photography & Food/nutrition

Gabe-Goats & Bucket Calf

Aubrey- Food/nutrition
Cole is only a cloverbud yet so he can't enter anything yet.



The Pioneers are pouring into Kansas. Covered wagons and horses taller that the wagons are becoming a common site.


We took some wire and formed hoops over the wagon. Then took a sheet from the house. Cole and Aubrey found a seat that the boys occasionally use for hunting. We hook the horses up to the tongue and away we went! Keelan was up for the afternoon.

He is our cousin who lives up the road.



Believe me! it was lots of fun riding. Of course though, we had the timer set to take turns.

These last few weeks we’ve done stuff that I’ve always wanted to do, but have never done them because I didn’t know how, or whatever.