I’ll Never Forget

…last weekend! We had a wonderful time with Corey and Jodi Metzger. They are from Wichita and we been trying to get them up here. Well, they came! The kids had a lot of fun. They brought along a little girl that they were taking care of for the weekend. (respite care) She was an absolute doll. As you can see, no one wanted to look at the camera, just the baby:) It was the Sunday School weekend for their oldest son Harrison and Gabe’s class.


Landon, Cole, Trumann, Aubrey, Aniah, Claire


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Isn’t she a doll? I don’t know how many hands held her in church, but she was showered in love, that’s for sure!


April 4-H Meetings(are the best!)

for two reasons!

1. My birthday is in April, so that means I get to pick a some candy out of the box!(disperse sarcasm throughout the end of that sentence)ha-ha:)

2. We get to skate at the roller skating rink!

Sycamore springs has been open for decades! it’s so old that my Grandma and Grandpa Meyer skated there as kids. In fact, that’s where they met!

Its always a lot of fun to go over there and skate. Here are some photos of our meeting and skating fun! also, it was my turn to do a demonstration.(not so fun:)


Limbo…that is the girls doing it. I don’t have a photo, but Cole won AGAIN. He won last April too.

Taylor went to prom for the first time, here’s a photo of him decked out in his suit…riding a stick horse!?


Yep! while some may arrive in a limo, my bro and his friends ride in a cattle trailer, riding stick horses. #kansaskidsrkrazy


My Birthday

Last Tuesday was my birthday, and I turned 15. I don’t really feel much older, but maybe when I update my DL, it’ll feel different. The only thing that changes, is that I can drive to any kind of job now, not just farm-related work.

A while back, Mom and I were shopping on Dayspring and we found a MAJORLY discounted Nativity set. I love it! Its so pretty:)020 

They are pretty big, Mary kneeling is about as tall as my hand. Mom and I went shopping Thursday for some summer clothes and I used my b-day money to get some clothes and shoes too. It was a wonderful birthday!



If you can transport yourselves back into time for me, that’d be great. That way I’m not late anymore!

Lets start at the beginning of the last week in March. I went to Washington, IL to stay with my good friend out there. That was a blast! Then Kim, Laura, Todd, Cambria, Jenna, and Marshall came for a visit. We had a lot of fun with them out here:) 003


Us older kids played twister one evening and ended up in knots:)

On Thursday, They left and we left to go to Branson. We made a stop in Topeka to see a Wild West symphony first. It was beautiful.

While we were in Branson, we saw the Dixie Stampede, The Titanic Museum, Jonah at the Sight and Sound theater and Son of God at the IMAX. Friday night, we went out to eat at ShoGuns. It was so good! we only ate 2 meals a day to keep cost down, so all we had had since breakfast was frozen yogurt. At shoguns, you chose your kind of meat and they fried it on a big flat skillet right in front of you with veggies and rice. YUMMM! I don’t have very many photos because they don’t let you take pictures anywhere!


If you want to follow me on GooglePlus, I have more photos and videos there from off my iPod.