April 4-H Meetings(are the best!)

for two reasons!

1. My birthday is in April, so that means I get to pick a some candy out of the box!(disperse sarcasm throughout the end of that sentence)ha-ha:)

2. We get to skate at the roller skating rink!

Sycamore springs has been open for decades! it’s so old that my Grandma and Grandpa Meyer skated there as kids. In fact, that’s where they met!

Its always a lot of fun to go over there and skate. Here are some photos of our meeting and skating fun! also, it was my turn to do a demonstration.(not so fun:)


Limbo…that is the girls doing it. I don’t have a photo, but Cole won AGAIN. He won last April too.

Taylor went to prom for the first time, here’s a photo of him decked out in his suit…riding a stick horse!?


Yep! while some may arrive in a limo, my bro and his friends ride in a cattle trailer, riding stick horses. #kansaskidsrkrazy

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