Onions and Hay

We harvested onions! And onions. And onions!

We also bought a load of hay...there is hardly and pasture this year so it was hard finding hay.
But hay:), the Lord provides.

Illinois Weekend

About 3 weeks ago*cringe* we took a short weekend out to IL. My cousin Laura was getting baptized. It was also a farewell to Grant and Hannah Herrmann who moved down to Mexico. Luv you guys!
Cole and Noah

Aubrey, Elise, and Hope

Testing my photography skills:) Cole insisted on being down there.

Ice Cream! @ 9:00pm...it was sorta a late night:)

Sunday Morning...We'll always be best friends.
(Faith, Haylie, and Grace)


Happy Fourth! ...late...

Mom found some plates and napkins at Dollar General for $2.
Its amazing how much red and blue we have in our house:)

We did corn last thursday before we left on our weekend trip to Princeville, IL

Part of our new floor is in! They did the schoolroom and in 3 weeks they will come do the kitchen/bathroom/hallway

This is part of the schoolroom closet. Its so nice finally having a 'sewing spot'.