Meet Mr. Black

Around here, we normally have a bunch of corn stalks or some pumpkins but, sadly I didn't think about corn stalks and we didn't get any pumpkins. So, when Cole came home with a 'sandbox bucket' an idea began to form. how about a scare crow? Sure! So, dad's shirt, play clothes overalls, brown gloves, Wengers belt and buckle, old stocking hat, my old boots, a garbage bag full of hay, and a pumpkin head(sandbox bucket)
Thus, we begin our scare crow.
Stuffing Mr. Black. He's really not too fat. He was at first, but I put him on a diet by taking some hay out of him. Wouldn't it be nice if it was that easy to lose some  weight?

The hardest part was getting his shoes to stay on. For now, they really are just setting on the ground
with the pant legs stuck in. Gabe has a hat that sadly didn't fit Mr. Black. So I set it on his head.

Hi!! I'm Mr. Black.
If any of you have seen the sugar creek gang movies, you'll understand his name.
But I think that our scarecrow is MUCH better!
-best friends-
He has a nice attitude; very calm and quiet. Always smiling I'm afraid he's the only one though.

He was the perfect size; since the overalls were
Cole's size, he was rather short with long arms.
Cole rather like dancing with him:)

P.S. I was tempted to make you IL people come out her to see him. ---drive by?-


Kansas State Fair...Here We Come!!!!!

      Well, we already went:) It was a lot of fun.  some of our friends, who own a dairy, take cows down there and show them so we wanted to go and watch, and go on the carnival rides.I,(Haylie) had never been to a carnival before. So, we prepared to take the 4 hour drive starting at 6 in the morning and getting home, about 10. The big boys had to stay home and work but the rest of us could go. That is, until the morning of departure. Cole get sick=unhappy boy. So mom and Cole stayed home.
 :( Sadness. We promised to get Cole something. When we got there, we went to see the dairy show that was going on then and watched some grand people get some grand prizes. Great job guys!!! Afterwards, we ate a corn dog each and bought some tickets, and went on our rides. It was really fun! There were some REALLY wild rides. One of them, spun you so fast that you stuck to the outside of the cage. And one that took you up,up,up,up, to the top and then dropped you all the way down, really fast, until it came to a stop at the bottom. I think even the boys screamed (fine, hollered) on that one. We ended up getting Cole a kid size lariat. He LOVED it. At the end, Gabe had fun looking at the goats and we watched a sheep shearing race. Then, we traveled home, and went to bed.

P.S. I forgot to add that the cotton candy was amazing.

P.S. S. I didn't take pictures because I didn't want to haul the camera around.


Happy Labor Day!!

                                                                  Isn't this adorable?