Bright Lights Conference

On July 12 and 13 Mom, Aubrey and I went with some friends to a A Bright Lights conference called Strong in the Lord.
We all loved it. Sarah Mally was our speaker. She did an excellent job.

Then the next day after we came home, we had corn to freeze.
The Ulmer and Stangl families came to help freeze and eat corn with us. That was a fun/busy day.

Bright Lights was having an other conference for older girls ages 12+ called Radiant Purity. Of course Mom couldn't be gone another 2 days so, I went home with the Stangls. The picture you see above is a chalk drawing that Sarah drew. It was really neat watching her.
Another thing was the music. It was so pretty! The harp was played while other girls came up and shared there testimonies.

Now,  I can't tell you every thing because it would take way to long!

So, I'm am going to end with that!



Summer Snapshots

This is a moth that Gabe and Dad caught.
It was about 5 '' wing span.
We then froze it and gave it to someone who has a insect collection.
Sorry you can hardly see it! It is inside a jar.

Happy boy!

Giddiup Horsie!

Helping with the dishes.