Odds and Ends

We've been busy with a lot of odds and ends, so here is few photos from the last few weeks!

I was a waitress at a Valentine's Day meal! We served beef or chicken, potatoes or orzo, veggies, fruit tart or chocolate cake.    Except they all had fancy names;)

Taylor is doing great in wrestling this year. I found this photo in the online Sabetha Herald! He has regionals this Saturday. 

Gabe and Aubrey...I believe that they are playing 'funeral'. Gabe is apparently the dead guy;) Aubrey took some rose petals and sprinkled them on him. 

Cole and keelan! They have a fort in the trees so keelan is up a lot to build. It's great for cole to have his best friend so close!!
 Cameron had his 20th birthday yesterday...he is no longer a teen! 

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