Disappointing to Amazing Fun

     Aubrey and I were planning on going to P-Ville but were sadly disappointed when our driver’s son got sick…with Influenza A. So, after some tears, we were cheered by the fact that on Friday, we could go with the rest of the family to Kansas City, 2hrs away, and swim at an indoor water park called Coco Key-part of a Holiday Inn. There was a special that day only for homeschoolers from 11:00am to 4:00pm when the public could join.

     So, after arriving at 1:00 pm, we swam for several hours, enjoying the big dumping bucket, hot tub and waterslides. At 3:30 or so, we got dressed and drove 4 minutes to Red Lobster…yum! I had never been there and the little guys were fascinated by touching the lobster, but they settled with chicken fingers:) We were all so stuffed that sitting in the van didn’t sound so bad. On the way home, Cameron realized that he had left his brand spanking new swimsuit there. Luckily, Our friends were staying the night at that hotel, so they went down there and found them. Boy oh boy did he luck out! We got home at 7:30 and cleaned up, relaxed and went to bed.

CoCo Key Water Resort

Funny #1

All the life guards wore red shirts. Dad wore a red short that day too, so when Kendra and I wanted to hop into the lazy river, without walking all the way around to the entrance, he un hooked the rope saying, “if anyone asks, tell them the guy in the red shirt did it”.

Funny #2

Cameron went across the lily pads, just hanging on the rope. A little girl says “WOW!” Cole, standing right behind her replies, “That’s my brother.” in a very proud voice.