Another Go At It

So, we haven’t had very good luck with puppies.It seems like we get a new one every year!
When we brought home two, the only way to console dad was that we were trading pups for a mama cat and her babies. LOL
These puppies are Heinz 57 for sure. Labrador, German Shepherd, and a bunch of every thing. They sure are cute though!
The yellow one is a girl and the black one is a boy.
Gabe and Cole have the boy and Aubrey and I have the girl.
Surprisingly, Gabe’s is already named,  Corky (Corkey, Cork)
The girl, well. Aubrey and I like the name Lulu but of course no one else does. Have any suggestions?

We have them officially named...at least I hope so.:)
The boy is Riley and the girl is Marley

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