My Summer…

has been SO full that I feel like I never slow down! I babysit 3 days a week(MTW). The last job that I had, the kids were calm, obedient all around great kids! Well, these three boys are great kids, but they keep me ON MY TOES!!!


Cayden(8), Tate(2) and Carson(4) right there


They thought they were dying right there when I said we had to do all these beans! Yesterday, we had a crazy afternoon. We were sitting on the porch, waiting for thier  grandma to come. I went in the house to get something and came out when I heard someone screaming. Well, Tate and Carson decided to hide my bag, and got to close to a wasp’s nest. Tate got stung. So, I ran in the house and called mom(I suddenly realized that I don’t know much about bee stings!) calmed him down and all was fine. I went back to the porch to get my bag holding Tate, and he got stung again. Yes. Now their Grandma is driving in. I got Tate calmed down again and we all go out to the car. Carson was sitting on the edge of the back end, he slipped off, coming in close contact with a rock. Now, he’s screaming. yep! Finally, stuff stopped happening and I went home.


Our mammoth monster blackberries are coming on. There are SO good!


And the raspberries.

P.S. I ate all those berries:)


  1. Yep! Summer's busy here too...
    Tate looks soooo adorable, and onery in that picture! The three of them put together look like they could cause some trouble :)
    Can't wait to see you!!!

  2. Wow a lot goes on when you babysit! Haha