Mid-Western Champ?

That’s right! A few weeks ago, at the Nemaha County Free Fair, Cole got 4th place in the Mutton Busting. That meant that he would go to the Nebraska State Fair, and compete in the Midwestern Finals. So, we travel the 3 1/2 hr. drive to get up there. It was so hot!!! And, we had to buy water(10 bucks  for 5 bottles) cause we were so thirsty. Then after lunch we went to the (AIRCONDITIONED) arena and watched the mutton busters do their thing. Cole was # 36 out of 46 so it took a while. As the riders were going we were thinking, “Cole has no chance several of these are skinny and tall 10 year olds!” Well, when it came to Cole’s turn, the announcer asked him if he would ride it far. He told her that he would ride it there, and back.

So he got on the sheep, and did he ride. there, half way back and didn’t get off until the sheep quit. So, Cole got 1st place! His prize was a shiny belt buckle.

We noticed that the judge didn’t have a stop watch and so we asked him how he judges them. He said that its all by sight. The performance of the sheep, how far down they go and if they fall to the side of the sheep.

The funniest thing was that all these kids were dressed in cowboy/girl outfits, chaps, boots, spurs, all kinds of stuff. Cole was barefoot,  shorts and a tee shift:)




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