2014 Fair!


Fair-Day dawned, and we jumped out of bed to eat breakfast and load up! We loaded our animals and headed to seneca.


I really don’t think the goats wanted to go:)


Aubrey’s food was judged Friday morning, she made Pumpkin Pie granola, which the judge really liked, an powerballs again. She got two purples!!!


Cole combed that calf till she shone, but he does’nt want a white one next year because they show the dirt so bad.


Showing his friends his calf…DSC_0043

My Okra got Reserve, and Gabe’s Cabbage got Grand Champion!


Cole’s bucket calf consultation, where the judge asks him questions and judges him on how good he answers.


Gabe showing his Boer goat


Cole showing his bucket calf


Gabe showing his steer

I showed my dairy goat, but I was the only one in my class! I got a plaque and a ribbon for Grand Champion, but it was kinda pointless.



Saturday evening, McClain's Mutton Bustin’ Rodeo was in town. Last year, Cole rode here, got 4th and went to NE for finals. This year, he was over the weight limit,(60lbs) but they let him ride again just for exhibition. It was fun seeing all the kids riding, but the sheep were CRAZY and a few of them got hurt.

That was the end of the fair until Monday when Gabe sold his steer. It was a fun weekend, but I can wait for another year before the next one comes along!!! Now, we have to do records. The not-so-fun part of 4-H.

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