Ginger Bread Cottage(disaster)

UPDATE: One whole row of  gumdrops have disappeared. It wasn't just Taylor either:)

And so the story begins of me-the over-acheiver. I saw a beautiful gingerbread house on, you guessed it…pinterest. It looked amazing and it had a template for all the pieces that I would need! So I made the gingerbread and cut the pieces out. All was going great until after I had baked them and we were starting to put it together that I realized that this was going to be a challenge. Getting the house to stand up was your typical experience, and then the frosting wouldn’t harden fast enough. Oh what Christmas Cheer. I was beginning to think I might just throw it away when someone said the word ‘hot glue’. I promptly threw the mangled pieces away and plugging the glue gun in. Next year, I’m not even going to try to use frosting! Anyway, I downsized the cottage and came up with a cute little thing that we’re quite proud of. I have to say that the chimney is my favorite part. Gabe and I had to leave in the afternoon, so we reluctantly told aubrey and cole that they could decorate it all by them selves. When I got  back home, I was greeted with an adorable gingerbread house. We all had fun, despite the first part of the construction! Sadly, all is not settled. Our next challenge is keeping Taylor from eating the gumdrops off the tray. We are thinking about hot gluing them too.


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  1. awww... it ended up so cute!! I love the new look of your blog, by the way :). -faith