sweet sixteen

I guess that for my birthday post, I’ll just tell you all a little bit of what has been going on in my life lately!

Aubrey and I got bunk beds for our birthdays! Dad built them and I sanded and  painted them. Let me tell you that I have been immensely enjoying my own space! Mine is the top and Aubrey's is the bottom.image1

This Easter our church had its first SONrise service. It was cool and crisp, but very beautiful!


I’ve started working at Grimm's Gardens for the summer, a few days a week. My primary focuses are finishing up school  and working! I am the clerk and I manage the Sale Shed. On slow days, I work in the green house. I’ve even brought home the extra tomato plants for mom:)


As summer approaches, Snapshots By Haylie is getting much busier! Head over to my blog to see whose photos I’ve been taking lately! (my first wedding, YAY!!) Have a nice spring everybody!

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