House Project: Mission Workers

A few years ago several couples decided to join and become the Mission Workers. I wish that I could remember the whole mission statement and every thing, but what this group has been doing is buying old and dumpy houses in the Sabetha area, (so far the two they have done are in the middle of town) and arranging days that people from the Sabetha and Bern AC Congregations can get together and work. When finished, the house will be occupied by someone in need. One thing that goes along with living here will be that the person has to agree to be mentored. Mission Workers try to find someone who wants to make their life better. 

The house that we worked on last weekend, (Friday, Saturday, and Monday) was truly a complete dump. The roof had to be completely redone. The inside was painted many different colors including peach and teal. But not the cute shades of either of those colors! It took a lot of work those three days and of course it isn’t at all finished yet! I was the designated photographer for this project…and I was pleased as punch:)


Two of Aubrey’s friends were in charge of priming this tiny little closet. By the time they were done, they had more oil based primer on themselves than the closet!



The ladies worked on the inside, and the men on the roof. I enjoy painting, so this was right up my alley! first we took out the bazillion staples and screws and nails that were in the wall, then we unbarred the windows and tried to get the in working order! The man who previously lived in the house was a schizophrenic, and the house was literally a cave. We patched all the walls, sanded, primed and painted all of it, including the trim. I couldn’t tell you what exactly the men were doing, but maybe some of you can tell by the photos:) I’m excited to see the finished project of this house, and see who they have move in!

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