Choppin’ Hogs 2015


Sorry if that sounded a bit grotesque, but ladies and gents, it happened.


                                                          Dad, Gabe, and Kendra killed 3 pigs on Friday, skinned them, gutted them, and hung them overnight.


for our sausage, we take the hams, (6 HUGE chunks of meat) and any other meat that isn’t being used as a certain cut, and cut them into lime-size-chunks.

next step is to mix in the seasonings, we have about six different kinds.

examples: brat, maple, Meyer’s Secret, Polish, etc.,


Weighing 25 lbs


This is some bulk-this is ground and goes into bags for pizza and patties and the like.



Cameron seems to have taken over the job of stuffing, He does a great job, but one problem is that a guy cant multitask. I mean look at him. he has to have someone feed him his cinnamon roll!

(I’m not saying that I could do better….)


As we go through the seasonings, we fry them up in an electric skillet. This, along with snack mix, cinnamon rolls, fruit, veggies, coffee and tea is our breakfast, lunch and snacks!


Here’s 25 lbs. of tube sausage, ready to smoke!


And what you see there is the smoker. Its basically a big metal barrel that we hand meat laden rods in.

We set it in our drive way and get some green apple wood and light a fire right in the middle of it. As you can see, it puts out a hefty amount of smoke. Jason is just getting ready to head in and check the meat. I don’t have any idea how he was going to see the meat!



After the meat comes in from the smoker, about 2-3 hrs. later, we package it all up and label it!

Jana, Jessalyn, Jason, Kendra, Richard, Joni, Cameron, Haylie, Gabe

I drew a pig on the wall and we all put our signature on it:)

Taylor went to State Wrestling with his friends, Faron took care of his cows, Aubrey, Cole, Jadon, and Kirk camped out in the house.

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